We were assigned to highlight a minority in our society and to inform about the problems and the exclusion.

In our film we chose to enlight and to pay a tribute to Muslim women who love fashion. We wanted to hear their opinions about the fashion industry and what place they may take in it.

We met the friends Shama and Maryam who like to talk about the problems and how they combine fashion and religion. When we did our research, we encountered the expression 'Mipsterz', which is a combo of Muslim and hipster. It´s a big internet phenomena and some like to call themselves Mipsterz, while Shama and Maryam are critical.
'Modest fashion' as they call it is getting more and more popular, which has made it easier for them to dress the way they like, but it has not always been easy.

Music: Snakeships - Forever

In collaboration with Linda Sundblom, Sofia Rumert, Jonas Nilsson & Johan Eklöf

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