We were assigned to create a Digital Out of Home campaign for a swedish company. We chose to create one for the fitness centre Friskis&Svettis. A company that's been big since 1978. It's a fitness centre that has it's focus on being available for all kinds of people and to make exercise fun! 

We have created 2 characters called Friskis and Svettis, with different experiences and conditions for training. We have chosen to designate them as highly stylized characters to avoid using actual persons as representatives - since it can easily be excluded by just representing the brand with two "people". We also kept in mind that the characters would contribute to a playful and easy-to-use mood in communication, thus reducing the "threshold" and the fear many experience when training at the gym.

We chose to create a dynamic link to the location where the ad appears on and the content will be customized according to the schedule at the nearest facility and it will also show what activity is currently underway and at which gym.

In collaboration with Robin Mengarelli, Ludvig Nilsson and Alice Engren

Programs used: 
Adobe After Effects

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